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Repairing Relationships After Substance Use Disorder

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It is a behavioral characteristic that provides assistance to someone in gaining control over something. Participating in family therapy with a licensed professional can help all parties develop effective communication styles and improve the quality of all relationships. If you have anyone still standing by your side after your addiction and going through rehab, you’re one of the lucky ones. You should not expect an immediate change in attitude or perception from your loved ones. They may meet your efforts with hesitation or resistance, but you should stay hopeful that they will eventually come around with open arms. One of the most important aspects of any relationship, regardless of whether or not addiction is a factor, is trust. The unfortunate reality is that breaking someone’s trust is much easier to do than restoring it.

Finally, trust between couples may have been broken during addiction if a partner lied about substance abuse and the process to rebuild it may not always be smooth. With all the changes that come to relationships with sobriety, there can be feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, shame, and more. Critical elements of a healthy relationship can be worn down quickly when one partner is unable to think clearly due to their illness, causing the unraveling of a loving bond. However, with your hard work in treatment and the hopes of long-lasting recovery, there are steps that can be taken to restore your marriage as you begin to rebuild your life. CAP, ICADC, CHC CEO and President at The Shores Treatment & Recovery of Florida. He is an ordained pastor and International Crisis Response Chaplain, is certified in CISM.


Perhaps the most significant help that couples counseling can provide to a couple affected by addiction is related to repairing or resolving damage to the relationship. Many people with addictions have co-occurring mental health problems, which add to the emotional stress. This article discusses five important ways that counseling for relationship problems can pave the road to recovery from an addiction and a better relationship. You can also explore if you are enabling your loved one’s addiction. With hard work, patience, and love , reconnecting with the people you care about most and building new, stronger relationships is totally possible.

Whichever group suits your needs best is the one you should attend. Even if you only listen to the experiences of others, they can be very helpful. Having the support of others who are going through the same things as you is very comforting. Write it Down Writing about your issues, concerns, and feelings is a powerful way to work through your problems.

Create a New Marriage

One way to ensure they know how serious you are is to attend meetings and connect with other people going through the same sorts of struggles. Getting support and advice from others can really go a long way toward keep you on track. To start rebuilding trust, you should immediately start making and keeping promises — no matter how small. Offer to help clean around the house, and then actually do it.

  • However, being in addiction recovery is still very challenging.
  • No matter their drug of choice, their addiction is a family disease, causing stress to the people living in the family home and those closest to the addict.
  • While your partner is in rehab, you don’t have to lie on their behalf if it has been the case over the years.
  • Spouses will likely experience moments that will have them wondering how their marriage can survive sobriety.

There are many addicts who continue to use until they overdose or end up in prison for their poor decisions. Though it can be extremely difficult, reconnecting with your family and loved ones is a crucial strategy to ensure that you can maintain sobriety. You don’t have to go through this process alone, and most counselors recommend that the first contact between all the parties happens in a neutral setting. This is especially true if family dynamics were a causal factor in the addiction cycle to begin with.

Go to Family Support Groups

You also need to know that you can’t salvage every relationship after addiction. The damage may be too extensive, and your loved ones may decide that they are emotionally safer without you in their lives.

  • The greatest benefit of rehabilitation for marriages is that it brings sobriety.
  • Whether or not the relationship was strong before the habit, what happens after detox and behavioral health treatment will be critical to what happens next in the marriage.
  • This might mean going to meetings, calling a sponsor, or reading literature.
  • Addictions sever relationships, replacing togetherness with what feels like insurmountable chasms.
  • Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

If you care about your marriage, you should commit to helping your husband or wife get sober. Contact Legacy Healing Center today to learn how our family therapy program can help couples heal from the impact of addiction. It’s easy to lose trust in a relationship, and building back that shattered trust is challenging. It has often been said that addiction is a family illness, which is undoubtedly true for marriage and other intimate relationships. Whether the substance in question is illegal, like heroin and cocaine, or legal, like prescription medications and alcohol, the potential devastation is much the same. However, through family therapy and professional counseling, a relationship broken by addiction can be repaired.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Now is the time to reflect on the marriage of your past and to think about what you would like to do differently in your newly reborn relationship. Get Counseling Going through recovery to conquer an addiction is something that can rarely, if ever, be done without professional assistance. The same can be said about reconciling with your spouse after the trauma of addiction. The experiences that you had with addiction and trying to hold your relationship together are unique to the two of you and have left lasting damage to your marriage.

Addiction And Infidelity: A Close Relationship – Addiction Center

Addiction And Infidelity: A Close Relationship.

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This can reassure your family, friends and loved ones that you’re committed to your sobriety. Before reaching out to loved ones in order to broach the subject of recovering and reconnecting, you should first make sure you’re totally ready.

But when one partner struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, there are unique difficulties that will come up. The good news is that if your partner wants a solution, addiction recovery is completely possible. Recognizing the anger, hurt and betrayal that addiction causes in a marriage can often be difficult to do.

As you begin to rebuild and heal your marriage, it’s imperative to work with a qualified professional. Having an unrelated third party can put issues in perspective, giving the two spouses the time and distance they need to talk through their problems and come out stronger on the other side. When a marriage is on the rocks in the wake of alcohol marriage changes after sobriety or drug addiction, following the proper steps to healing is absolutely essential. Whether or not the relationship was strong before the habit, what happens after detox and behavioral health treatment will be critical to what happens next in the marriage. Addiction is a chronic disease that can negatively affect a person’s life and health.

I would highly recommend to anyone suffering from drug or alcohol dependency. If a couple has used the tools to grow a healthy relationship, they could find themselves in a thriving marriage. They have grown together, and together they have grown stronger.

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