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Click through to read from our highlighted news articles, evaluation reports, and other studies and reflections on digital media in cultural institutions. Find links to many more resources on individual profile pages.


Audience Outlook Monitor
  • This website features learnings from an international collaboration spearheaded by WolfBrown between researchers, funders, service organizations, and cultural organizations to support informed programming decision making during the COVID-19 era.
Creating at a Distance
  • Newsletter highlighting creative works in the time of social distancing, focusing on Philadelphia, by Youngmoo Kim, director of the ExCITe Center at Drexel University.
Cultural Content
  • Newsletter covering cultural sector digital content from the digital analytics and user research agency One Further.
Cultural Digital
  • Newsletter highlighting digital and tech for arts, museums, culture, heritage, and creative professionals by Chris Unitt, founder of One Further.
Digital Snapshot
  • Newsletter round-up of digital news, innovations, and ideas related to arts, culture, and museums/heritage institutions by The Audience Agency.
Innovations in Socially Distant Performance
  • This research project led by Elena Araoz and supported by Princeton University explores the aesthetics, philosophies, tools, and artists transforming virtual live performance and socially distant productions. 
The Platform
  • This newsletter from AEA Consulting gathers timely articles on the cultural and creative sectors, including topics such as COVID-19 and digital frontiers.



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